License and Updates

  • What is the product license?

    Template license - the product is licensed for you to use within one company indefinitely, unlimited number of users. For more details please read our terms and conditions.

    Support and Updates - you receive one years email support and updates from the date of purchase. If you have any questions, please email our support team with your documentation attached along with your questions.

  • How many users?

    Template license - unlimited number of users within your company. The files are MS Word or Excel format.

  • Can I use the Templates for more than one company?

    No. If you wish to use the templates for another company, please email us your requirements and we will offer you a discount on subsequent purchases.

  • I am an ISO consultant, can use the Templates for more than one client?

    No. You must purchase a copy of the Template for each company client.

    We sell three types of multiple-use license:
    a. 5 user-license per year
    b. 10 user-license per year
    c. Unlimited license per year

    Please contact us for further information.

  • How often do you update the products?

    Product development - major updates occur once a year, generally in January or February. This includes updates to the Quality Manual Template, procedures and supporting materials.

    Auditors like to see continuous improvement to your Quality System documentation. We aim to help you by refining the documentation through projects we have worked on throughout the year. Implementing these changes to your Quality Manual or Procedures provides evidence of this work for your next Audit.

    We also provide new content we insert into the Template packages to you free of charge - for example this year we are working on training materials for Internal Auditor and Staff Training.

    Minor improvements are not usually scheduled for release as an update unless they will help your business - such as better processes or flow-chart diagrams.

  • How do I receive product updates?

    After purchase, there are instructions to email us your support contact details along with proof of purchase (Name, Company Name and Purchase Transaction ID).

    When there is an update, we will email you details of how to download the update.

  • How long is the standard product update/support contract?

    One year from date of purchase.

  • How do I extend or renew the update/support contract?

    We will email you one month before the contract finishes asking you if you would like to extend the period by one year.

    If at a later date you would like to renew your contract, please email us with proof of purchase (Name, Company Name and Purchase Transaction ID).

  • What is the cost of renewing the update/support contract?

    20% of the sale price of the Template per company, per year.